Level Your Lot in North Hills & Burbank, CA

Level Your Lot in North Hills & Burbank, CA

Trust Wall Brothers Construction with your home excavation project.

Are you adding rooms onto your home? Ready to clear your lot and finally start your new home construction? You might need the help of a skilled excavation contractor. Excavation services are necessary for anyone who is planning to:

  • Build a home
  • Add a deck
  • Install a pool

What’s your next home improvement project? If you need an excavation expert, call Wall Brothers Construction immediately. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our excavation services.

Choose the home excavation specialists with proper permits

In the state of California, contractors are required to have a T-1 permit for anything more than five feet of excavation. As a result, our excavation specialists work with a lot of contractors who call us because they don’t have the proper permits. If you need help with your excavation project, call our construction company now at 818-421-7217.